About Sandy

Sandy Norton

With degrees in nursing, psychology, and Natural Wellness, Sandy Norton has spent many years working as a healer, both in traditional medicine as a Registered Nurse (primarily in ICU and presently as Clinical Manager of a Vascular Center), as well as in Alternative Medicine (Health & Wellness Coach and Reiki practitioner), where she has applied her certifications in crystal healing and aromatherapy to augment her practice (Sunshine Healing Arts). But throughout her life, Sandy knew that her true passion was in the visual arts, and she has devoted much of her spare time to studying and creating in various mediums.

In the 1990s, her love of color and design evolved into a floral design business (New Hope Naturals), where she combined silk and dried flowers and other natural elements to create centerpieces, wreaths, swags, and other home décor items. Eventually, she began to transform walls, furniture, and other architectural features as an accomplished faux finisher (Décor du Jour), where many of her clients also commissioned her to create custom art pieces for their homes. Through her membership in creative organizations such as Surface Design Guild Sarasota, Sandy incorporated various forms of fiber arts and collage into her repertoire and now creates jewelry, unique scarves (NeCollage), water bottle holders (Roady Tote), yard art, and ornaments. In 2007, Sandy created a line of inspirational t-shirts, hats, and tote bags, which was the beginning of Sunshine Everyday. Her goal is to encourage others to try to do or experience what they love every day.

Sandy considers creating art to be her passion . . . it’s her Sunshine! In addition to the joy that it brings her to create each piece, Sandy especially appreciates the impact that her creations have had on the emotional well-being of her clients through the transformation of a person’s living space with color and texture, or the addition of a beautiful piece of wearable art to their wardrobe. Whenever possible, especially with her jewelry creations, she incorporates natural elements such as shells, sea glass, feathers, and butterfly wings into her designs because the energy of Nature is so healing.

Whether appreciating it or creating it, art in its many forms has the power to raise our vibration and lift our spirits, thereby promoting a healthier you!

This aligns with Sandy’s background as a healer, and she welcomes any opportunity to create for herself and others.

She invites you to bring a little Sunshine into your life . . . Everyday!