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Welcome to Sunshine Healing Arts, a wellness practice founded on the belief that creating a peaceful environment, both on the inside and the outside, will ultimately lead to wholeness and optimal health. Since the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being are all interconnected, it makes sense that creating balance and harmony in all of these areas will promote a sense of well-being and, therefore, an ability to heal or recover faster from the stressors that we encounter every day.

From the earliest times I can remember, I had a strong desire to “help other people”. In the 1980’s, as a Registered Nurse and young mother of 3 little boys, I began to see the negative effects that environmental stressors had on the health of my patients and my family. Chemicals, pollutants, and toxins in our air, water, food, and personal care & cleaning products, along with emotional stressors resulting from work, schedules, finances, and negative relationships all take a toll on various aspects of our health.

Intuitively, I knew that prevention was the best medicine, and prevention could only come from living a healthier lifestyle… every day. Thus began my journey into the world of holistic medicine. I studied Natural Wellness, energy healing, nutrition, yoga, meditation, crystals, aromatherapy, mindfulness, and various art techniques. I’ve transitioned through jobs where I’ve worked as a nurse, marketing rep, health coach, business owner (floral designer, faux finisher, inspirational T-shirts), and of course, mom! These studies and experiences have culminated in the creation of Sunshine Healing Arts where my goal is to share what I know with others who are seeking a healthier life and a more holistic path to wellness.

I’m encouraged to see that the pendulum is finally beginning to swing in a more positive direction as people are waking up to the important role that nutrition and lifestyle play in preventing disease. Slowly we are finally seeing an emphasis on what I have learned are the 7 pillars of health: clear, fresh air; clean, pure water; whole chemical-free foods; taking time for rest; moderate daily exercise/movement; adequate, uninterrupted sleep; and sunshine… everyday!

So whether you schedule a Reiki or AromaTouch session to help you find balance, purchase a T-shirt or piece of art that brings you joy, or delve into the world of essential oils for physical and emotional healing, my hope is that you will find something here that will make your heart sing!

Thanks for visiting!

Sandy Norton
Sunshine Healing Arts
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