Beach Everyday – Adult


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Who doesn’t love the beach? Even if you aren’t a “beach-goer”, most people would agree that the warm sand between your toes, the soothing sound of the waves coming in, and certainly the spectacular sunset as it melts over the vast horizon can bring comfort to the soul. This whimsical design features Sunny Ray and friends as they frolic with their beach ball, with not a care in the world! Whether you live near a body of water, vacation on an island, or just allow your thoughts and memories to take you there during a meditation, go to the Beach . . . Everyday!

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Adult Color

Blue, Aqua, Fuschia, Sage Green

Adult Fabrics

100% Cotton

Adult Size

One Size Fits Most, Women's Small, Women's Medium, Women's Large, Women's XL

Adult Style

Coverup, Long Sleeve Tee – Boatneck, Short Sleeve Tee – V-neck